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What Christmas Is All About

It always fascinates me to think about the humanity behind the characters of the Christmas story. It is such a familiar story that we can forget that these were real, messy, human beings just like you and me. They had fears, doubts, and worries. They made mistakes. They lost their temper, yelled at their kids,… Continue reading What Christmas Is All About


Embracing Versatility

As a reader of NoPassingFancy’s Blog I was nominated for this award. It is a great honor! Visit her blog for encouragement and inspiration! She is a fantastic writer! I decided to jump on board with this because I love these types of posts. It is great to learn more about the people behind the… Continue reading Embracing Versatility

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Too Far Gone?

I recently had the wonderful honor of guest posting for the site "Make Me Available" (MMA). The reason this is so neat is because they are all the way over in the UK! It is fun to think that I am reaching readers across the seas, and at the same time it is humbling to… Continue reading Too Far Gone?

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When Giving Thanks Hurts (Part Two)

Earlier I wrote a post on how God asks us to give thanks in ALL circumstances, and how giving thanks sometimes hurts when life is hard. (Read that blog post HERE.) I was also working on creating a Thanksgiving devotional for my email subscribers, so I was looking up all sorts of verses about giving… Continue reading When Giving Thanks Hurts (Part Two)

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When Giving Thanks Hurts (Part One)

There are seasons when life is good. And then there are seasons when life is hard. When life is so painful that you can hardly breathe. When you have cried so many tears that you feel like you are drowning in them. When you wake up and don’t even want to get out of bed.… Continue reading When Giving Thanks Hurts (Part One)