As we head into the New Year many of us will make resolutions. Some of us may make a resolution to eat better, to exercise more, or to go for a dream we have. We start off strong on January 1st. We are full of hope and our hearts race with excitement. Most of us… Continue reading Resolve


Don’t Just Start . . . Finish

I find that it can be easy to start things but a lot harder to finish them. There is something about starting a new adventure that is exciting and invigorating. The start of a dream is where you get to plan it all out and let your heart go crazy with ideas. If I am… Continue reading Don’t Just Start . . . Finish


Breaking Up with Goals

I love to set goals. But life always seem to get in the way. So then I have a hard time reaching those goals and then I tend to give up.  And that leaves me feeling discouraged, disappointed, and downhearted. But then I recently read a book that talked about living for a mission rather… Continue reading Breaking Up with Goals



Everyone thinks striving for greatness is . . . well . . . great. But it isn’t. It is exhausting, tedious work. It’s not glamourous or attractive. It’s showing up every day no matter how you feel and pouring out your heart and soul. It is dealing with failures, and people’s judgements. And still showing… Continue reading NEVER Give Up

Live Loved

Change My Perspective

I was running late. Again. I started chastising myself for trying to get too much done before heading out the door and ending up leaving later than I needed to. Which lead to wishing I was a better mother, wife, Christian, neighbor, etc. My mind flooded with all the latest frustrations, disappointments, and unmet expectations… Continue reading Change My Perspective