Feeling Small

Have you ever been in a dark vehicle on a warm summer night and heard the distinct buzz of a mosquito? Isn’t it interesting how such a small creature can cause so much fear as you swat at the air trying to keep it away from you? Or think about the cells that make up … Continue reading Feeling Small

Guest Post: Understanding Yourself

This past weekend I had the honor of guest posting for Xoxo Motherhood. You can read that post here. And today I get the privilege of having PaChristia from Xoxo Motherhood post on my blog. With the busy holidays coming up it helps for us to understand what works best for us when it comes … Continue reading Guest Post: Understanding Yourself

Guest Post: Choosing to Focus at Christmastime

Today I have the wonderful privilege of having Raquel guest post for me. She has a fantastic message to help us start the holiday season right. We don't want to get caught up in the busyness of this time of year and miss out on the special gifts of time with family and reflecting on … Continue reading Guest Post: Choosing to Focus at Christmastime

You Are Loved

Now that it is November, we have entered the season of Thanksgiving. Everywhere you look there are commercials, articles, and even blog posts on how to be more grateful. (Yep, I see the irony.) Learning to be grateful can mean looking around and counting your blessings. It can mean choosing to look for the good … Continue reading You Are Loved