I am so grateful for the opportunity to appear on The Godly Chic Diaries! Do check out her blog as she is a fantastic writer!

The Godly Chic Diaries

The chaos or the unsettling feelings of situations in our lives sometimes come so that God can show us what it’s like to live in His freedom – it becomes a matter of having to BOLDLY choose to create that space in our days. When we make space for God, we follow, we connect, we experience Him in all spaces (all of it) that He becomes part of our lives. We run to Him over anything else, even when that might not be so easy. He specifically tells, ask us “Come to me”

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Bio: My husband and I have been married for 14 years and we have three kids (9, 11, and 14). I grew up in the church but ran from God in my…

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Don’t Give in to Your Fears

With Halloween being around the corner, it seems appropriate to talk about fear. There are many times in life that we find we are overcome with fear. Times when all seems to be lost. Times when the world seems dark and cold. And often when we are afraid, we hide. We hide behind the locked … Continue reading Don’t Give in to Your Fears

Don’t Just Start . . . Finish

I find that it can be easy to start things but a lot harder to finish them. There is something about starting a new adventure that is exciting and invigorating. The start of a dream is where you get to plan it all out and let your heart go crazy with ideas. If I am … Continue reading Don’t Just Start . . . Finish

Breaking Up with Goals

I love to set goals. But life always seem to get in the way. So then I have a hard time reaching those goals and then I tend to give up.  And that leaves me feeling discouraged, disappointed, and downhearted. But then I recently read a book that talked about living for a mission rather … Continue reading Breaking Up with Goals