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Too Far Gone?

I recently had the wonderful honor of guest posting for the site “Make Me Available” (MMA). The reason this is so neat is because they are all the way over in the UK! It is fun to think that I am reaching readers across the seas, and at the same time it is humbling to think that God would use someone like me.

You see, my past is not something I am proud of.

There are many chapters of my life that I would be ashamed to read out loud. Many chapters that would cause me to blush in embarrassment as people gasped in shock. Many people would have written me off as beyond saving. I was too angry, too rebellious, and too deeply involved in sin. Many people would have said I was too far gone.

But not God.

Find out what I have learned about what God says about those that are “too far gone” by reading my guest blog post HERE on the MMA website.

While you are there check out their awesome merchandise. I am sporting one of their very comfy sweatshirts. And check out some of their other guest bloggers, too. There are many great writers featured on there!

This is the poem they started from:

“Make me available in the morning, make me available at night

make me available when things go wrong and when things go right

make me available when I don’t understand and the road ahead isn’t clear

make me available even during troubled times just trusting that you are near

make me available to the good and the bad, the rich and the poor

make me available to reach the lost in this world for whom your heart is sore

make me available to share the good news that Jesus Christ, He saves

make me available to do your will, Lord, by giving me another day.”

Isn’t that poem absolutely amazing! Now go check out their site!

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8 thoughts on “Too Far Gone?”

  1. You are gorgeous! You sure do shine 🙂 I’ll be going to check out the guest post shortly….
    Your blog reaches me all the way over in South Africa… and a lot of what you write touches my heart! 😉


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