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Feeling Small

Have you ever been in a dark vehicle on a warm summer night and heard the distinct buzz of a mosquito? Isn’t it interesting how such a small creature can cause so much fear as you swat at the air trying to keep it away from you?

Or think about the cells that make up our bodies? They are such small things, that we can easily forget about them, until one turns cancerous. Then all of a sudden, that small cell it is not so easily forgotten.

On a brighter note, think about laying under the stars on a summer night. They seem small as we look up at them and yet they are actually giants. Thinking about how huge the universe is makes me feel small and insignificant.

It is the same feeling I get when I look upon Lake Michigan. I love to look at the lake, but it makes me feel very, very small. All I can see is water for miles and miles. And then if I stop and think about how many gallons of water that lake holds? What are my two little feet as I wade through the waves?

  • Do you ever feel small or weak?
  • Do you ever feel like all your efforts are insignificant?
  • Do you ever feel like all that you do is useless?

When I think about how Jesus came to this earth, though, I realize that he didn’t come as something big or grand. He didn’t come as a celebrity or a King. He came instead as a baby. He came as something ordinary and small. He came as something weak.

And most of his life on this earth was lived in the most ordinary and smallest of ways. He spent 30 years of his life doing simple things, like caring for his family, working as a carpenter, and loving those around him. If that was the only part of the story we knew, we might even say his life was insignificant. But we know in the end that God used his ordinary life for something magnificent.

If Jesus lived a small, ordinary life that God ended up using for great things, then maybe God can use our small, ordinary lives for great things as well.

I believe this is true. I believe God can use the quick prayers we say as we go about our day. He can use the little notes we send in our kid’s lunches. He can use the tiny moments when our kids wake up early and see us reading the bible. He can use the small talk with the cashier in the check out line. He can use the honest work you do at your job that no one else sees. He can use the simple smile you offered to that weary mom with the screaming toddler. He can use your soft, encouraging words to the worried mom of a hormonal teenager.

There isn’t a single moment in your life that God cannot use for the good of His kingdom.  

If you are feeling small today, remember that it is the little things that count.

I want to leave you with a small portion of the song “Dream Small” by Josh Wilson. Check out the whole song sometime though. It will inspire you to live for the small moments.

“The God who does all things, makes oceans from rivers.

So, dream small. Don’t buy the lie you’ve got to do it all.

Just let Jesus use you where you are. One day at a time.

Live well. Loving God and others as yourself.

Find little ways where only you can help.

With His great love. A tiny rock can make a giant fall.

So, dream small.”

Josh Wilson, “Dream Small”

How do you remember that the little moments count? Have you ever done something small that God later used in a big way? What are your thoughts on dreaming small?

Keep “finding hope in it all” because God is with you in it all!

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11 thoughts on “Feeling Small”

  1. Such a great reminder to remember that even the smallest thing can make the biggest difference. I can certainly appreciate the smile from another mom who has been in my shoes with toddlers or the excitement on my childs face when they have figured something out for the first time and the pride that exudes from them. I think it is super important to recognize and be grateful for the small things just as we are the big ones! Thank you!

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