Guest Post: Understanding Yourself

This past weekend I had the honor of guest posting for Xoxo Motherhood. You can read that post here. And today I get the privilege of having PaChristia from Xoxo Motherhood post on my blog. With the busy holidays coming up it helps for us to understand what works best for us when it comes to self-care. We all need to take the time for ourselves so that we can really mother our children well. Check out her blog at You can also follow her on Instagram @xoxomotherhood.


It’s Saturday morning. The sun is still sleeping. The sky is still dark.

I hear a soft whisper next to me…“milk, mommy, milk.” After chasing around my toddler all week, I just knew that she’d sleep in to give mommy an extra hour to recoup.

Unfortunately, that would be too easy and what’s easy about motherhood?

There are no days off from motherhood. No sick days. No vacation days. So, it’s important to find time to care for yourself and relax occasionally! Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or just need an hour or two to myself, I find the simplest things to do and I almost always feel a lot better afterwards. Self-care is imperative. As moms, we wear so many hats. We can’t pour from an empty cup. There’d be nothing to give. We have to find ways to implement self-care, even if it’s reading a book in the car while your little one is in the car-seat taking a much-needed nap after a walk around Target.

Here is what I like to do when I need some “me time.”

1.       Take a nice, long, steamy bath/shower.


Come on. There is no underestimating a good, hot shower! Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized how much I took “privacy” time for granted. Typically, when I take a shower, I’m trying to entertain my two-year-old or she’s throwing all of her toys in with me- so I’m focusing on how fast I can get out and debating whether or not I have time to exfoliate my face! My self-care showers are my time. It’s mommy’s do not disturb time! I’ll either have my fiancé take her to the store, Chick-Fil-A, or outside. I use that time to exfoliate my face, my body, shave, and wash my hair. Not having to hop in and out is great. I typically hide in there until all of the hot water is…well, gone. 

2.       Go to a nail salon with Mimosas or WINE

Seriously, I feel as if these places where meant for moms! How awesome is it to be able to get a mani/pedi, enjoy a drink, AND watch TV? I definitely do not get mani/pedis as much as I used to so when I go, it’s very much needed, and I enjoy every second of it. I love the quietness. I love the smell. I love being pampered. It’s also a huge plus because it makes me feel even more beautiful to have my nails and toes done!

3.       Watch a movie during nap time

How many of us have heard, “sleep when the baby sleeps, or “clean when the baby is napping.” A lot of us. Sure, sometimes we NEED a nap and sometimes we NEED to clean. We also need time to ourselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching a movie or binge-watching Friends (if you’re like me) until your little one wakes up. I found that when I take a nap with my daughter, I wake up and I’m even more tired; meanwhile, she’s ready to find a new way to climb to the roof. I truly find peace in watching a good Lifetime movie (that’s about how long she naps) and watching her on the camera until she wakes up.

4.       Don’t worry about the clutter/cleaning

So, not literally. But, if you’re anything like me, you find yourself always cleaning yet, it’s always a mess! It stresses me out when I feel as if I’ve been unproductive all day because the house is still a mess. Sometimes, I tell myself, “just let it be for now.” Running after a toddler all day is tiresome as it is. Aside from that, if you have a handy helper, one that likes to unfold the laundry as you’re folding, because they’re “helping,” maybe it’s better to wait until bedtime or have hubby help when he gets home!

5.       DATE NIGHT!!!

Seriously, date night is so important when you have kids. We try to have a date once or twice a month. We’ve always been pretty consistent with date nights. It gives us a chance to focus on each other, hold hands, talk about our week, and just enjoy adult conversation. As parents, our lives revolve around our kids, which is expected, and it takes work to keep the fire alive in a relationship when most of your focus is on your child(ren), work, daycare, and bills.

Plus, it’s nice to get dressed up for your spouse after a long week of rocking leggings and the mom bun. 


About the author: My name is PaChristia but everyone calls me PC. I’m 25 years old, engaged, and have a two-year-old daughter. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN but currently reside in Texas. I studied Child Development at Tennessee State University and I am currently studying Maternal and Child Health with a focus on Human Lactation to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). In my free time I love being with my family, sipping Starbucks at Target and binge-watching Friends, Family Feud or Lifetime Movie Network. XoxoMotherhood is geared towards mothers who are interested in breastfeeding, child development, and breaking generational curses. I believe that it is important to raise emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy children.


Cheers to raising emotionally healthy children.


I love the ideas that she shares! We can’t be great moms without taking the time to care for ourselves. What are your favorite ways to spend your much-needed “me time”?

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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12 thoughts on “Guest Post: Understanding Yourself

  1. My me-time mostly includes a book and Netflix! Although I love going for a spa or beauty salon just to style and pamper myself 😊 I love the ides of not to worry about clearing or cluttering. Very refreshing post!

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  2. Great post. I think far too many people over-complicate the idea of self-care, putting it off until they have time for that big elaborate bubble bath complete with candles, wine, and no interruptions. The truth is, however, we need to roll with the opportunities that life presents us and make time for even the smallest examples of self-care regularly.

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  3. Great post, I have four children, now all adults, but I remember all too well how hard it was trying to meet their constant needs. Great suggestions for refueling! Larry and I had a weekly date night and that was key in keeping our relationship solid. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My long hot showers are normally spent scrubbing up the kids while they empty out all my soap 🤦🏼‍♀️ But I do try to take advantage of nap time to watch a movie or relax. I would love to try a salon that offers wine or mimosas! That sounds AMAZING

    Liked by 1 person

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