Don’t Just Start . . . Finish

I find that it can be easy to start things but a lot harder to finish them. There is something about starting a new adventure that is exciting and invigorating. The start of a dream is where you get to plan it all out and let your heart go crazy with ideas. If I am honest, that part is easy and fun. What I really struggle with is the follow through on that dream and being able to say I didn’t just start it, but I also finished it.

Because all dreams eventually require you to put in some hard work and effort. All dreams ask you to sacrifice something, whether it is time, money, or getting outside your comfort zone. And when things get hard, you can start to think that maybe this dream of yours wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe you should just give up.

  • So, how do you keep working for your dream when it gets hard?
  • How do you cling to your dreams when you feel like letting go?
  • How do you keep going when the going gets tough?

I am finding that it is best to keep it simple. Instead of getting caught up in the big picture of my dream, I just focus on the next thing I need to do. Whether that is to write one small blog post. Or post one inspirational quote to social media. Or even if it’s just squeezing in the time to type up one or two paragraphs for my next writing idea. I just take that next step. Whatever it may be.

I have heard it said that you climb a mountain one step at a time. Sometimes we look up and the mountain looks so much steeper now that we are standing right next to it. Sometimes as we ascend a storm starts up and it seems that our dreams are being swept away by the rain. Sometimes we start and realize we are not in as good of shape as we thought we were, and it is going to be a lot more painful than we realized to make the climb.

But as we chose to keep taking that one next step, after a while, we find that we are surprised by the progress we made. By focusing on that next step, we find that we forget how steep the ascent is. By focusing on that next step, we find that despite the rain, the foundation of our dream is still firmly in place. And as we keep focusing on that next step, we find that we grow stronger and stronger with each painful, difficult step.

So, don’t give up on your dream. Don’t let go when it gets hard. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Just keep taking that next step in front of you. And before you know it you will be standing at the top of that mountain enjoying the fantastic view.

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