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Accomplishing Nothing

Do you ever feel like you are accomplishing nothing? Do you ever look back at your day and think it was a total waste? I read today in Daniel 9:26 that “ . . . the Anointed One will be killed-appearing to have accomplished nothing . . .” and I thought about how true that verse really was. When Jesus came most people thought that the Messiah would be a military leader that would end their oppression from Rome. They didn’t think he would be killed. When he was crucified his disciples scattered and locked themselves in a room because they were so afraid.

After all, He had said he was the Son of God.

He had said He was the Messiah.

And yet now he was dead.

It appeared that all his accomplishments were for nothing.

It appeared that evil had won.

And yet . . .

Three days later He arose. He met with his disciples and explained everything to them. His death that seemed to accomplish nothing had in truth accomplished the most important thing: our salvation. What had appeared to the disciples as a loss was in reality a gain for all of humanity. A gain that would last for eternity.

It got me thinking.

  • How often do I feel as though I am accomplishing nothing?
  • How often do I feel that my day would be deemed a loss?
  • How often do I feel that evil has won?

My days are full of cleaning, laundry, taking care of kids, and taking care of our home. I oversee making sure doctor appointments are scheduled, teeth are brushed, and all necessary school forms are filled out. I pack lunches and make breakfast. And then when the kids get home from school I help with homework, make dinner, ensure kids get to sports practices and meets, and then get everyone ready for bed.

And at the end of the day I can see that while my day is full, it feels as though I have accomplished nothing.

After all, there are no rewards for ensuring your kids get to school on time. No fancy trophies for carting them around to sports activities and friend’s houses. No accolades for bandaging wounds or offering hugs to broken-hearted souls. There is no performance review except for maybe when your kids declare you are the worst mom ever for making them do their chores and go to bed on time. Or your teen announces that you have ruined their life by not allowing them to have Snapchat.

Some days we feel our lives appear to be accomplishing nothing.

Some days we forget that our kid had practice. Or we burn the toast for breakfast. Or we lose our cool and scream at our kids because no one listens to us.

Some days we feel our day could be deemed a total loss.

Then there are days when the kids are fighting and calling each other names. They act like they are entitled to everything and are ungrateful for all you do.

On those days it can feel like evil has won.

And yet . . .

Maybe from God’s perspective we are accomplishing more than we think we are. Maybe we are in truth accomplishing the most important things.

In Matthew 10:42 Jesus says, “And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.”

So, if you gave your child something to drink today, you have accomplished something. Never mind, that you poured it into the wrong color cup and your toddler is throwing a temper tantrum. You still get kudos from Jesus for it.

Later on, Jesus says in Matthew 25:40, “I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!”

So then, every time you bandage a wound, or fold a load of laundry, or clean a nasty bathroom you are not only serving your family, but you are also serving Jesus.

How is that for an accomplishment? I am not just washing dishes; I am serving my King!

Not only do we serve Jesus when we do the physical acts of caring for our family and home but think about all the emotional and spiritual work you do. Every time you pray with your kids, read them a passage from the bible, or hold them as they cry about the latest drama at school, you are doing Kingdom work!

Every time you read God’s word yourself, even if it is only a few verses you squeeze in before the kids get up for the day, you are feeding your soul! And that will help you to pour out God’s love on your family.

And every time you offer up even the simplest of prayers, you are accomplishing things for eternity. Just crying out, “Jesus, help me! Amen.” causes the evil forces of this world to tremble. For they know the power of a busy momma praying in faith.

We need to hold tight to that truth on the days when it gets hard and it feels like evil is winning.

Rest assured, dear one, Jesus is right by your side. He knows what you are going through. He has been there before.

And He knows that while it appears to some in this world that you are accomplishing nothing, in truth, you are accomplishing the greatest things for Him.

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3 thoughts on “Accomplishing Nothing”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder Cici! Let us remember to serve God wholeheartedly wherever He has places us! I am so grateful that He sees and blesses the actions we take for Him! God bless you sister!

    Liked by 1 person

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